THE BEATPACK: Could Walk On Water LP


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The Beatpack were a bunch of scruffy mid-60s obsessed miscreants predominantly – but not exclusively – from the south-east of England, and the Hastings area in particular. They peddled a ferocious punk-tinged brand of raw, primal garage R’n’B around the UK and Europe between 1987 and 1991, recording an LP – Could You Walk On Water? – an EP and a 45 for Screaming Apple records, based in Cologne, Germany, along the way. All these recordings were produced by the legendary Billy Childish.

A1 Nobody = Nothing
A2 Anything Goes
A3 Two Tracks Missing
A4 Your Reason To Fade Away
A5 Heading For The Promised Land
A6 Jasmine
B1 Love
B2 Paint Yourself
B3 Part Two
B4 Won’t You Make Up Your Mind
B5 Could You Walk On Water?
B6 Goodbye, Hang-Up, Deadline Gone


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