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The Butcher Shop was the project developed by Tex Perkins, at the same time as Beasts Of Bourbon, in the late 80s. In this band, the artist showed his wildest, brutal and sonic side, walking amont swamp blues and grunge (before the name “grunge” existed for music) In this sonic adventure Mr. Tex Perkins was surrounded by several musicians, such as people from Lubricated Goat, Beasts Of Bourbon (Spencer P. Jones) or the American musician Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds…) among others.
Here you will find, among other wonders, the original version of the song which became a hit afterwards with Beasts Of Bourbon, “hard for you”. This edition compiles the LP and EP released by this band in between 1988 and 1990, and which are totally impossible to find nowadays. These 15 tracks are all the band recorded. Limited edition deluxe on double gatefold LP (500 handnumbered copies) noted by Tex Perkins, and with never previously released pictures, it is proudly presented by Bang! Rcds in order to put again in the market this master piece of sonic swamp sound.

A1 Pump Action
A2 No Fear
A3 Death Plug
A4 Youth Culture Sucker

B1 Deep Throat
B2 The Blame
B3 Iron Pig
B4 The Length

C1 Do The Wrong Thing
C2 Open Heart
C3 900,000,000 Decibels
C4 The Descent

D1 Hard For You
D2 Control Yourself
D3 Wasteland


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