MASONICS: In Your Night Of Dreams And Other Foreboding Pleasures LP


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Something of a garage-rock’n’roll supergroup, The Masonics are a winning combination — featuring musicians who have done time in such legendary groups as the Milkshakes, Pop Rivets, Wildebeests, Kaisers, Headcoats, Del Monas, and more (not bad, seeing as there’s only three of ’em — namely, Mickey Hampshire, Bruce Brand and John Gibbs.) Masters of the Medway beat made famous by Mr Billy Childish, this is the group that should be the more famous one — with their better songs and better musicianship.

A1 In Your Night Of Dreams
A2 The Unknown
A3 Obermann
A4 Hurt By Someone
A5 Gun-Diddy-I-Die
A6 I Cheated I Confess
B1 Take A Look Into Your Heart
B2 Sorrows Lane
B3 Put The Knife Down
B4 Please, Please, Please
B5 ‘Til The Silence Came
B6 She’s My Baby