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Release of these 3 legendary records, finally re-issued on vinyl, in deluxe Box Set edition, which includes:
– The 3 LPs with their artworks (4 tracks previously unreleased on LP).
– Inner booklet:
*texts of all band members in that line up. *previously unseen pictures. *lyrics of all songs.
– Poster.

These 3 albums are the result of the 1st period of mighty Australian band, The Beasts Of Bourbon, in period 1983-1990.
During those years the line up of the band was:
– Tex Perkins: vocals (Cruel Sea, Butcher Shop, etc)
– Kim Salmon: guitar (Scientists, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, SALMON etc)
– Spencer P. Jones. guitar (The Johnnys, The Slappers etc)
– Boris Sujdovic: bass (Scientists, Dubrovniks, etc)
– James Baker: drums (Scientists, Hoodoo Gurus, Dubrovniks, James Baker Experience, etc)

This line up created the most country and swamp blues oriented sounds in this unique band.
For the 1st time since they were originally released, these 3 classic albums are reissued and now compilated in a box set.
This is a Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Track Listing:
The Axeman’s Jazz
A1 Evil Ruby 3:10
A2 Love And Death 4:00
A3 Graveyard Train 7:10
A4 Psycho 3:55
A5 Drop Out 3:00
B1 Save Me A Place 5:22
B2 Lonesome Bones 4:25
B3 The Day Marty Robbins Died 2:55
B4 Ten Wheels For Jesus 5:18

Sour Mash
C1 Hard Work Drivin’ Man 3:22
C2 Hard For You 3:33
C3 Watch Your Step 2:00
C4 Playground 3:58
C5 Door To Your Soul 3:37
C6 These Are The Good Old Days 3:00
C7 The Hate Inside 3:27
C8 The Big Sleep 5:25
D1 Pig 4:33
D2 Driver Man 4:03
D3 Elvis Impersonator Blues 2:56
D4 Today I Started Loving You Again 4:20
D5 Flathead (The Fugitive) 2:00
D6 This Ol’ Shit 2:40
D7 Sun Gods 3:18

Black Milk
E1 Black Milk 5:34
E2 Finger Lickin’ 2:10
E3 Cool Fire 4:13
E4 Bad Revisited 4:14
E5 Hope You Find Your Way To Heaven 2:41
E6 Words From A Woman To A Man 2:49
E7 I’m So Happy I Could Cry 4:18
E8 You Let Me Down
F1 Let’s Get Funky 3:35
F2 A Fate Worse Then Life 3:10
F3 El Beasto 1:34
F4 Blue Stranger 4:12
F5 I’ve Let You Down Again 2:34
F6 Blanc Garcon
F7 Execution Day 4:45
F8 Rest In Peace


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