THE MAHARAJAS: You Can’t Beat Youth LP


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Do you like rock’n’roll? ’60s garage? Maybe some wiiild guitars? Demented bass runs?! Snotty vocals, tambourine, drums and a cowbell? Folk-rock and wimpy organ ballads? Did we mention fuzz guitars? If you like that – you will love this album! Compared to their previous release this new album marks a return to the bands 60s garage roots and moody sound. Most of the songs were penned by Jens Lindberg, bearing his quality mark of emotional and sometimes moody tunes. Long time co-writer and bass player Ulf Guttormsson also contributes with a couple of tracks. Even though the album starts with someone snoring it’s infectious, addictive and sometimes simply urges you to drink and holler. Not many bands in the universe can mix pounding rockers with angstridden ballads like these Swedes. The group hails from Stockholm and Oerebro but have a dedicated following throughout the international garage rock scene. Members of the mighty Maharajas are garage rock legend Jens Lindberg (the Crimson Shadows, Freinds, the Maggots, the Stomachmouths, the Wylde Mammoths), Ulf Guttormsson (the Coroners), Mathias Lilja (the Strollers), and Jesper Karlsson (Nymphet Noodlers, the Diamond Dogs, Thunder Express) proudly presents THE MAHARAJAS!!!

Tracking list:

Side One
You Can’t Beat Youth
Walk With Me
Too Late To Repent
I’m Alright
How Many Times?

Side Two
Everything O’Clock
Action Denied
Dark Places
Don’t Do It Again
Hurt Me Please
We Come In Peace


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