THE WHAT… FOR!: Compiled 10″

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This is 30th anniversary platter by the most important german beat band ever since the legendary BOOTS !!! ┬áTo celebrate 30 years of wild, ravin’ beat mayhem Screaming Apple is releasing “Compiled!”, a six track 45rpm 10″ compilation.
This new edition to the labels catalogue brings together 5 tracks in part previously available on, amongst others, british and australian compilations from 1989 – 2010, with the addition of a previously unreleased recording of ‘I ain’t got you’ from 1989. The track ‘Bad news travels fast’ from ‘ Tribute to the Fuzztones vol. II’ has previously only been available on CD. All songs, four of them taken from the now almost-impossible-to-find original compilations, have been remastered by Crypt/Back From the Grave mastermind Tim Warren sounding even more authentic and garagey than ever.

Sleeve artwork by Johnny No (the No-Counts) and liner notes from Lenny Helsing (The Thanes) make this 10″ a must-have for every neo-beat and garage enthusiast.

Let’s see what Lenny has to say about the band:
“It was way back in the summer of 1986 during The Thanes’ maiden voyage to Germany, playing in Hamburg and Berlin (and still billed as The Green Telescope) that I was first alerted to the sounds of The What…For! They stood out a mile even then as being a group who were incredibly passionate about the best of the global mid-sixties scene; specifically the mod-beat noises and colourful image as cultivated during the golden age by groups such as The Who, The Pretty Things, The Downliners Sect and, of course, Berlin’s own finest exponents of long-hair beat-punk R&B sounds, The Boots! Having shared stages with The What…For! on a number of occasions now, from our initial encounter at Berlin’s Quartier Latin club in August ’86 right up to our more recent bill-share just a few short years ago at the city’s Starlite Ballroom as part of The Berlin Beat Explosion, I’ve witnessed how they have gone from wildly enthusiastic mod-garage teens playing great covers of ‘Blues Theme’ and ‘Chicago’ to a group who are absolute masters of their chosen craft. I still remember bassist Stephan Schulz – “the Deutscher Dave Davies” as I always saw him – his face, sideburns and checked trews were a perfect distillation of modern-day Kinkdom – sending me a cassette tape of what was to be the group’s debut LP and being truly impressed by their intuitive beat groove and sterling rhythm work on original songs such as ‘I Want It All’ and ‘Her’. Another wholly standout moment in the long-spanning career of The What…For! that lives on in my mind was when I witnessed them live in 1988 at the infamous KOB venue on Potsdammerstr. Having walked in to an already sold-out, heaving crowd the group belted out a particularly wild cover of The Birds’ early freakbeat anthem ‘How Can It Be’. The atmosphere was thoroughly electric, led by Urs Zelle’s commanding vocals and Pete (Moon) Johannsen’s whirling actions around the drum-kit. Given the calibre of talent and extremely good taste in song choice – who wouldn’t be swayed by a terrific reading of The Rainbows’ mad-sounding ‘Rotekarierte Petersilie’ – and their, always on-the-spot conviction throughout each performance, I’m somewhat taken aback that this far down the line The What…For! have not yet achieved breakthrough status, either in their home country or on the international stage, yet I ain’t giving up on them and this could still happen; it’s never too late and perhaps this will be the record that will do it for them; that will wake people up from their easy-oasy slumber, to be a record that will resonate deep inside the listener long after the mechanism has stopped. The What…For! Isn’t this what we’ve all being waiting for?”

Tracking list:

1. Chicago (1:59)
2. If you don’t treat me right (2:09)
3. I ain’t got you (2:32)

1. Buzz the jerk (1:41)
2. Love at first feel (3:01)
3. Bad news travels fast (2:46)


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