THEE VICARS: Back On The Street LP


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Bury St. Edmunds’ teenage terrorists’ debut album is a cross between the Buzzcocks and Billy Childish with a bit of Mummies thrown in. 15 original tracks (plus a cover), this is an astonishing first album for musicians of any age, nevermind a bunch of teenagers.

A1 Introduction To Thee Vicars
A2 Back On The Streets
A3 Why Have You Changed?
A4 Mindless Squares
A5 Budget Rock
A6 Small Town Blues
A7 Don’t Try To Tell Me
A8 Tore My Heart
B1 The Dreaded Day Job
B2 Gonna Make You Mine
B3 They Lied To You
B4 You Better Watch Out
B5 I’ll Hunt You Down
B6 I Don’t Wanna Be Like You
B7 Leavin’ Here
B8 Straight Home