THEE VICARS: Psychotic Beat! LP


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England’s wildest, youngest and most insane garage combo returns with their 2nd album. This one’s a real smoker! More authentic than ever THEE VICARS deliver the perfect mixture of puristic teen-beat, ravin’ r’n’b and primitive ’60s garage-punk. A true must have for all you “back from the grave” and “pebbles” maniacs out there! Every single song on this record could’ve been recorded in 1966. Imagine the DOWNLINERS SECT would share their rehearsal space with the MUMMIES, or the SHADOWS OF KNIGHT would play their fave MIGHTY CEASARS tunes and you got an idea what this amazing album sounds like. You need it, we have it, so… get it now!

A1 Baby Come On Home
A2 What’s The Latest
A3 Mr Operator
A4 You Lie
A5 Monkey Mess
A6 Last Night
B1 The Beat
B2 Come On Stomp!
B3 The Man Who Lived Next Door
B4 Yeah Yeah
B5 Feel So Good
B6 Almost There