BLOWERS – Garage punk that blows. Courtesy of Melbourne, Australia.
Take a dive into the warped minds of Kit Convict (vox, guitar), Andrew Porter (vox, guitar), Shannon Aswell (vox, drums) and Pip McMullan (bass), who are often found in the dive bars and shit-holes of Melbourne, Australia.
Blowers’ live shows are a blast of raw punk power. So far, they’ve shared dive bar stages with Black Lips, Cosmic Psychos, The Schizophonics, The Cavemen, Six Ft Hick, Hard-Ons, Sore Points, Mean Jeans, No Fun At All, Grindhouse, Private Function, and Stiff Richards.
For fans of: The Spits, Jay Reatard, Wipers, Mean Jeans, Oblivians, The Cavemen, Wet Ones.
Blowers: “So damn fast, so damn raw, so damn rude, so damn good.”

KIT CONVICT (Guitar+Vocals)
ANDY PORTER (Guitar+Vocals)
PIP MCMULLAN (Bass+Vocals)

BLOWERS: Blown Again LP

BLOWERS: Self Titled LP

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