Floor Killers by THE MAHARAJAS

Coming April 29th…
THE MAHARAJAS: Floor Killers LP (gatefold)
14 Moody Garage Gems from their Moody Vault

“Onstage and on record, the Maharajas consistently deliver high-energy, top-quality rock ‘n’ roll with the best of them (check out their Plug Sides anthology on Chaputa! Records for confirmation – here), but it’s their mastery of the moody garage sound that sets them apart from the garage-rock-by-numbers rabble. Few of the songs on Floor Killers are going to make you get up and dance, but any one of them may come back to haunt your dreams.” – Mike Stax

“This collection is dedicated to the ’65–’66 moody garage sound that we all surely love to bits and pieces. But nuff said! Get out your handkerchief, get bent on your preferred poison and get ready to rock back and forth on your couch while envisioning a sad empty dance floor when summer is over, and all turns to grey.” – Måns P. Månsson

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