With their songs being highlighted around the world by cult DJs, radio stations and the music blogosphere, LOLA LOLA have traveled the Iberian highways to clubs and festivals, firing up audiences and leaving a trail of worn shoes and infatuated eardrums behind them.
With their roots in the ever pulsating and innovative creative movement in the city of Porto, LOLA LOLA were formed in 2014, from the union of a very experienced and tested musical trio: Tiago Gil (Guitar), Miguel Lourenço (Bass) e Hélder Coelho (Drums), all formerly of Os Tornados, to which were added the disconcerting voice of Carla Capela, known in Porto’s nightlife circuit as DJ Just Honey, and a powerful baritone sax, currently in the hands of the master Rui Teixeira. Nurtured by the musical universe of the 50s and 60s, and inspired by R&B/Popcorn, 50s/60s and Rock’n’Roll.

LOLA LOLA: Baby Please Don’t Go 7″
LOLA LOLA: Killed a Man In a Field 7″

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