CHROME CRANKS: Diabolical Boogie 3xLP


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TRIPLE-LP with tracks of their (mostly) great 45s plus lottsa unreleased stuff and compilation tracks.

A-1 Love And Sound
A-2 More Than Alrite
A-3 Remember Me
A-4 The Big Rip-Off
A-5 Slow Crash
A-6 Dog Eat Dog
A-7 The Devil Is In Texas
B-1 Sacred Soul
B-2 Street Waves
B-3 Pin-Tied
B-4 Red Dress
B-5 Safe From The Blade
B-6 Party’s Over
C-1 Shutdown
C-2 Black To Comm
C-3 Queen Of Tomorrow
D-1 Eight-Track Mind
D-2 Collision Blues
D-3 Burn Baby Burn
D-4 Mr. Fingers
E-1 Come In & Come On
E-2 Stuck In A Cave (Live)
E-3 Lost Time Blues
E-4 Draghouse (Live)
E-5 Julie Do Ya Love Me
E-6 Auto Mo-Down
E-7 Nobody Spoil My Fun
F-1 Dyin’ Style
F-2 Wrapped Up In Red
F-3 Dead Man’s Suit
F-4 Little Johnny Jewel
F-5 The Slider
F-6 Some Kinda Crime