DUCHESS SAYS: Sciences Nouvelles LP

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The album follows up their 2011 record In a Fung Day T!, and expands on the sound that has captured the attention of audiences during the band’s memorable live shows, helping provide the catalyst for the unique and captivating performances of vocalist Annie-Claude Deschênes. Duchess Says was formed in Montreal by members of an obscure religious organization known as the Church of Budgerigars. Composed of Annie-Claude Deschênes (vocals, guitar, keytar), Ismael Tremblay (keyboard, guitar), Phillipe Clément (guitar, gass) and Simon Besré (drums), the group aspire to ensure the faithful representation of the message of The Duchess, their spiritual leader, through “a precise artistic dialogue.”


A1 Inertia
A2 Inertia Part II
A3 I Repeat Myself
A4 Negative Thoughts
A5 Poubelle
B1 Travaillez
B2 Talk In Shapes
B3 I’m An Idea
B4 Pink Coffin
B5 The Family Physicians