SUBSONICS: Flesh Colored Paint LP


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Here are 14 cuts by The Subsonics, known and loved for that Velvet Underground influence and Cramps-style delivery!

Atlanta-s SUBSONICS are a gutter/glam, minimal rock-n-roll trio. This is their 8th album and it-s called Flesh Colored Paint. Like all their previous works, this is a distilled hodgepodge of decades of popular culture and classic literature culminating in a collection of short and groovy shambolar: Chuck Berry, Albert Camus, AM radio rock jocks, Bo Diddley, Golden Age TV, surrealism, Mad Magazine, kung/fu flicks, Herman Melville, Little Richard, self/negating philosophy, David Johansen, The Bible, Dee Dee Ramone, Lee Van Cleef, Cornell Woolrich, advertising jingles, Dada, Carole King, Bugs Bunny, and Casablanca (the poem, not the film). This is a gorgeous mess of an record, and it-s cool. REAL COOL, KILLER.

Tracking list:

Side 1
1. “Flesh Colored Paint” (1:59)
2. “You Got Eyes” (1:28)
3. “Baby & Chita” (1:31)
4. “Why Should Anybody Care At All” (2:03)
5. “Begging Hands” (1:36)
6. “Too Much Too Many Heartaches” (1:35)
7. “Die A Little” (2:32)

Side 2
1. “In The Black Spot” (1:57)
2. “I’m The Most Popular Boy In Town” (1:32)
3. “I Must Be Poisoned” (1:16)
4. “I Believe I Don’t Believe” (3:12)
5. “Johnny Left Hand” (2:06)
6. “Cold Cold Winter” (2:14)
7. “Permanent Gnaw” (1:59)