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3 + years time has passed since The Sound Reasons have dropped hot wax on the garage-loving public, rest the much-anticipated fruits of their labors, thats you’re sure to enjoy. An LP, that is a product of an extended period of swinging, from night club to night club, across a wide area of Southern California, honing and sharpening a set that brought the house down and left’em screaming for more, time and time again. The name of the album, and title track, is Walk With My Shadow. Walk the Reasons, as they launch attacks of primordial FUZZ over unstopable, hammering rhythms and unveil a world of jangling strings within a landscape of groovy, bitter-sweet harmonies.

Recorded at Dave Klein Recording by Dave Klein
Produced by: Dave Klein, Sumiji Takahashi
Cover Desing: Sumiji Takahashi, Jon Green
Photography: Dino Dumandan

1. Every Path I Take
2. Love
3. Done Talkin
4. Walk with My Shadow
5. Oldsmobile
6. Make Me Pay
7. Slow Down
8. Sweet Thang
9. Scream- Shout
10. Window Payne