THE ACT-UPS: Something To Forget LP + 7″


“A monster made up of one volt of Iggy, one hambone of Pickett, one shot of Hank, two injections of Jeffrey Lee and a case of bourbon. THE ACT-UPS are the best garage band around in Europe!! ” – in RUTA 66 magazine

LP + Bonus 7″
Insert with photos and liner notes

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14 tracks compilation celebrating 15 years of The Act-Ups. Includes free 7″ with 4 new songs.
Edition of 500 copies, with cover art by Ricardo Reis.

“It’s funny how some moments stay glued to our cerebral cortex like a leather jacket to a Ramone. Ten years ago around this time, I was going down the stairs of a venue in downtown Valladolid, following the shining, sweat soaked bald heads of Los Chicos, while Johnny Intense’s guitar thundered an infinite fuzzzzzzzz. Fuuzzzzz!, fuuuuzzz!… The memory of that soundcheck is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about The Act-Ups. Before that hot concert I had been endlessly playing “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” on my old turntable. I found the band thanks to ipunkrock, when they were announcing the upcoming second album of this Portuguese band and even if they talked about a garage record, when it reached my ears I couldn’t understand what was playing. It was much more than a garage record. One minute they sounded like a gospel hymn passed through a Velvet Underground’s filter, then they were manufacturing a perfect pop soul jewel. Song after song I was being told there was punk, soul, garage, even blues in there, but it was all so perfectly entwined that it sounded completely original. Back then I couldn’t know, but that is the Act-Ups sound.”
Andrés Redondo García
Madrid, June 2016

LP tracking:
1: I Bet You Love Me Too
2: Miracle
3: Love Is A Terrible Thing
4: Heaven And HelL
5: Slam Wham Thankee Ma’am!
6: Monkey See, Monkey Do
7: Magnetism
1: A Box With Friends In It
2: Something To Forget
3: Death On You
4: Alive Again
5: La Petite Mort
6: Lie Lion Liar
7: Friendzone

7″ tracking:
1: The Memphis Train
2: Land of 1000 Dances
1: They Live By Night
2: Baby’s On Fire