ANNA DUKKE: Black Honey 7″ EP


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Anna DukKe is one of the most powerful female voices in American roots music that we’re lucky to have in Spain. Her solid vocal tone, combined with a powerful stage presence, makes it hard to forget her shows. Anna also has the ability to convey the same impression from her live performances to her records, a task not easy and few can boast about. She once again proves it in her second EP, yes, the one you have in your hands. In a more minimalist musical style than her first work, no horns, just strings and drums, in this new 7″, Anna brings us 4 tracks where Rhythm & Blues is the backbone, though sprinkled with traces of Rockabilly, Gospel, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Soul. Three of them are her own compositions built on feelings, intimacies, and personal experiences, and completed with an impressive cover of Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s “My Journey In The Sky,” chosen from the shelf whaere songs that touch the deepest part of the soul reside. The result is a balanced, nuanced record that is equally suitable for dancing or sitting back with a honey bourbon. 100% enjoyable! – Deejay Franchos´s Hot Shots

A1. 33 Ball’s
A2. Shake Your Soul
B1. My Lifeline
B2. My Journey to the Sky