AQUARIAN BLOOD: Counting Backwards Again LP


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This is the third part of the trilogy that began with ‘A Love That Leads To War’ and continues through ‘Bending The Golden Hour,’ this record represents the resolution of this leg of the trip that has unfolded over these three albums. ‘Counting Backwards Again’ reflects even more of the sounds and images of our travels through the ever-desirable ‘No Service’ remoteness that stretches throughout the mountain west where the loudest quiet that can be found exists. The open spaces point back to true north no matter which direction we are facing

A1 – Forecast Paralyzed
A2 – Cold Jet Steel
A3 – You Stayed Behind
A4 – Golden Roan
A5 – The Sound
A6 – No Sympathy
B1 – Flying Home
B2 – On To See
B3 – Counting Backwards Again
B4 – Wildcat
B5 – To Stay
B6 – Ever and Ever