ASPIRADORAS: Analgesia Sedacion Delirio LP


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Your favourite Spanish garagepunk-sensation LAS ASPIRADORAS serve yet another smashing LP! Their wild fuzz- and organdriven garagepunk with a lot of Spanish temper is what we know and love them for and is what you can also enjoy on their third album ‘Analgesia, Sedacion, Delirio’. ‘Mi Chica’, a Spanish, very garagey version of BUNKER HILLS ‘The Girl Can’t Dance’, and ‘Es Una Pena’, again a Spanish ASPIRADORAS-version of the 60s garage-classic ‘It’s A Cry’n Shame’ by THE GENTLEMEN, mark the only coverversions among their own compositions. Go wild to ‘Vaya Chapa’ with screaming vocals and a spooky organ, shout along to the title song ‘Analgesia, Sedacion, Delirio’ or dance to the wild and surfy ‘Figurante De Bingo’, in any case make sure to listen to this record at maximum volume as their sound is loud, punky and primitive – Spanish 60s Garage-punk at its very best! Fantastically primitive, fuzz- and organdriven garagepunk with a wild, Spanish party atmosphere – what more can you possibly want!?

1. Vaya Chapa
2. Amor De Madre
3. Es Una Pena
4. Bien Y Mal
5. Me Vendo
6. Mi Chica
7. Corazon Roto
8. Ya No Haces Gracia
9. Analgesia, Sedacion, Delirio
10. En La Oscuridad
11. Figurante De Bingo