BABY WOODROSE: Blows Your Mind LP (gold vinyl)


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2020 (10th) repress on golden vinyl, 500 units worldwide. Blows Your Mind is the classic debut album by Baby Woodrose originally released in 2001 on main man Lorenzo Woodrose ówn label Pan Records.
Baby Woodrose was at the time in reality a one-man operation by Lorenzo Woodrose who wrote the songs, played all the instruments, produced the record together with Riky Woodrose and put it out on his own Pan Records in 2001 on CD while Animal Records in Spain did the vinyl version. Blows Your Mind is still one of the most popular Baby Woodrose records and in 2009 Bad Afro re-issued the album for the first time since the price of the album at that point had gone through the roof and was sold for around 200 Euro. Blows Your Mind is more obscure, psych and lo/fi than the newer stuff but the songs are every bit as cool! Presented in a daring sleeve by the internationally known artist collective Malleus sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

A1 No Way Out
A2 Baby Blows Your Mind
A3 What A Burn
A4 Caught In A Whirl
A5 Pandora
A6 Spinning Wheels Of Fire
A7 Living A Dream
A8 Flaminica
A9 Maya
B1 D’ya Get What Ya Give ?
B2 Kara Lynn
B3 Right To Get High
B4 Mind And Soul
B5 Nobody Spoil My Fun