BANG BANG BAND GIRL: 12 Super Duper Extraordinary Girl Trouble Rock’n’Roll Tracks LP + DL


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From Chile now Rotterdam comes that extraordinary One Lady Rock’n’Roll Orchestra giving you the most obscure Covers of the Cramps, Motörhead or the Drifters, Recorded in Peru and the NL.

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to violence, the artistic Violence, emotional Power, sensuality and limitless strength…
Welcome to the world of Bang Bang Band Girl the almighty one lady band who composes and re composes, plays, sings and produces this fabulous album. Born in Chile then lived all over the Globe and now Settled down in the Netherlands Rotterdam, A real Sonic masterpiece the Album is which plays like a jukebox the terrific Hits of our Bang Bang Band Girl.
A wild spaced out wall of Fuzz, Theremin, Reverberation feedback and a warm dangerous yet sweet voice brings you the hits of The Troggs (Wild Thing) Wanda Jackson (Funnel Of (trash) Love) Hasil Adkins (No More Hot Dogs) Nancy Sinatra (bang bang) Motorhead (the Watcher) The Drifters (Up On the Roof) Dave Diddle Day (Blue Moon Baby) The Heartbreakers (All By My Self) Elvis Presley (Heartbreak Hotel) the Cramps (Call Of The Wighat) all Recorded and played by her self in Rotterdam or Lima Peru exept Walter Daniels (daddy long legs, Oblivians, john schooley etc) plays Saxophone in Blue Moon Baby and Theremin by Veronik in Heartbreak Hotel we can only stand up and stomp our feet and applaud loudly and toss another coin on the jukebox just to dance in the depths of the night.

1. Wild Thing
2. Funnel Of (Trash)Love
3. No More Hot Dogs
4. Bang Bang
5. The Watcher
6. Trulo-V
7. Up on the roof
8. Blue Moon Baby
9. all by myself
10. Heartbreak Hotel
11. Call Of The Wighat
12. The hand