CHARM BAG: Andalusian Dog LP


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Charm Bag- An Andalusian Dog  LP.  Fuzztastic ripper care of Fernando and Ana from The Smoggers newest band CHARM BAG.  With the professor of trash and princess of primitive at the helm, you can be rest assured that CHARM BAG stick to doing what they do best…writing infectiously awesome Rock N Roll tunes.  With loud, cavernous guitars belting out screeching, thunderous riffs CHARM BAG carve out irresistible Garage Rock hits with grit, reverberation and style.   ‘ An Andolusian Dog’ comes off like an amped-up, blues-out homage to a myriad of their favorite influences.  Nestled deep inside these spinning, treble heavy, rambunctious grooves you can hear bits and pieces of The Cramps, The Gories, Thee Headcoats, The Fuzztones and Oblivians intricately etched from CHARM BAG’s avalanche of distortion and pounding gut-bucket chops. Atop it all, Fernando Smogger howls and growls through every poetic note like a seasoned veteran with a weathered, raspy drawl and an array of titillating tales that should only be heard from the man himself.  Feisty, frantic Rock N Roll from this ferocious neo-Nuggets duo.  Killer cover artwork by Christophe Lopez-Huici!

Tracking list:
A1: Swamp Beat
A2: The Andalusian Dog
A3: Voodoo Fun
A4: Evil Advice

B1: Alright!
B2: Let’s Go To The Beach
B3: Dancing On Your Grave