CHIFF CHAFFS: Scratching My Mind + 3 LP


12″ EP

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On this, our 2nd release with the incredible Chiff Chaffs, they take you on a  real roller coaster of a trip, an incredible musical assault on your ears the likes of which haven’t been heard since The Vibes launched their incredible 12″ of ‘The Inner Wardrobes Of Your Mind’ way, way back in 1985.
Staggering through a kaleidoscopic wall of Trash… Starting with an opening reminiscent of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (The Last Words) it then leads you down the rabbit hole and drags you through a mindbending series of highs & lows which leave you really wanting more… A genuine ‘Suzy Creamcheese’ moment if ever there was one !… 10.30 minutes of glorious delirium.
On the flipside you get 3 more eerie tracks of haunting Trash…. Chiff Chaff stylee !
Limited to only 300 copies.