COUNT FIVE: Psychotic Reaction LP


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“Psychotic Reaction” was the only album Count Five would ever release. Originally released in 1966, on the heels of the title track hit single, the group could not seem to come up with another formula for success after that initial burst of energy. It was good enough to be committed to vinyl in 1966 and it is still good enough for the same treatment now.

This is garage punk at its best in its infancy. I would be willing to bet all the kids that were getting off on the Seattle grunge sound in the 90’s didn’t have a clue that it was groups like this that inspired the music they were listening to.

There is something raw and simplistic that always has held an attraction for me with this music. All of the fuzz tone and feedback with the angst-ridden vocals were no doubt a precursor to the rise of groups like the Sex Pistols. Yes my younger music enthusiast, punk rock goes back a ways, long before you were a gleam in your parent’s eye. This is a real collector’s piece, and it is a very important part of the puzzle in the formation of a genre. This was the only album they ever made and they made it count.

Track Listing

Side One
1. Double-Decker Bus
2. Pretty Big Mouth
3. The World
4. My Generation
5. She’s Fine
6. Psychotic Reaction

Side Two
1. Peace of Mind
2. They’re Gonna Get You
3. The Morning After
4. Can’t Get Your Lovin’
5. Out In The Street