CURLEE WURLEE!: C’est Destructif 7″ EP


CURLEE WURLEE!'s brand new EP featuring a DANCEFLOOR-KILLER in French and three more in English consisting of a power pop punk song, a punkabilly and a for a change, a quite moody tune as number four.
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CURLEE WURLEE! has a unique style: fronted by its French female song-writer-organist and accompanied by three other well-known musicians, their songs are a schizophrenic mix of intricate compositions influenced by garage punk, French drama, beat, punkrock, neo-garage AND potentially surf/exotica, with its very personal signature on top.

A1- C’est Destructif
A2- Underneath My Skin
B1- Gotta Get Me Shoes
B2- Everyday Of My Life

Shipping with free A3 poster and stickers (while supply lasts)
Edition of 500 copies.
Cover illustration by Rui Ricardo.