DARA PUSPITA​: The Garage Years LP


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Dara Puspita (trans. “Flower Girls”) was arguably the world’s greatest all-female garage rock band. The reason you’ve probably never heard of them is that they came from Indonesia where they were extremely popular during the 1960s. Their career spanned from 1965 until 1973 including 3 years (1969-1971) living and touring in Europe. The four albums recorded by the original members between 1966 and 1968 (the material represented on this LP) is one of the great chapters of 1960s popular music history never to be reissued in vinyl, let alone recognized beyond a few tuned-in souls and adventurous record collectors in the Western world. This is an amazing compilation for all garage rockers, fuelled with fuzz tunes and groovy rhythms.”
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1. Mabuk Laut
2. Bertamasja
3. Pip Pip Yeah
4. Pest Pak Lurah
5. Puyaili
6. Rantiku
7. Musafir Cinta
8. Semua Gembira
9. Hai Kasih
10. Pusdi
11. A Go Go
12. Believe Me
13. Hallo, Kawan
14. Pantai Pataya
15. Soal Asmara
16. Mengapa
17. Pinokio
18. Lihat Adikku
19. Tanah Airku