DEAD MOON: Going South 2xLP


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Dead Moon, a three-piece from Portland, Oregon, were known for their own particular brand of rootsy garage punk. Their music conjured images of hard-luck easy riders and lovers against the world. While their sound alternated between moody and aggressive, it was always remarkably genuine and energetic. The band was fronted by the husband-and-wife team of Fred and Toody Cole. Many years and many bands later (after living through experiences as varied as homesteading in Alaska, dodging the Vietnam War draft, and hunting bears), the two formed a punk band called the Rats. Later, after adding Andrew Loomis on drums, Dead Moon were formed in 1987. Going South is an incredibly intense live recording from the band’s legendary 20-date first tour of New Zealand. Recorded before an audience of about 40 people in Invercargill (Keith Richards called it “the arsehole of the world”), this is Dead Moon at their most savage and intense, the way they were meant to be heard! Toody Cole recalled that the band had been invited to open for Nirvana that year, but one of Fred Cole’s ironfast rules was “never cancel a gig you committed to for a better one.” So Dead Moon burned through New Zealand as planned. Recorded live at the Glengarry Tavern, Invercargill New Zealand Saturday September 5th 1992, and repressed for the second time in a small edition.

A1 You Must Be A Witch
A2 Dead Moon Night
A3 Don’t Burn The Fires
A4 Johnny’s Got A Gun
A5 Down The Road
B1 Dagger Moon
B3 Parchment Farm
B4 Play With Fire
B5 Fire In The Western World
B6 Jane
C1 Spectacle
C2 Destination X
C3 Black September
C4 Can’t Help Falling In Love
C5 54/40 Or Fight
C6 Cast Will Change
D1 Going South
D2 Ill Of The Dead
D3 Animal
D4 Communication Breakdown
D5 New Zealand Radio Interview

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