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DESTINATION LONELY, three ANGRY YOUNG MEN from Toulouse / Bordeaux, arise from a rich rock’n’roll garage Noise trash culture in the South of France. they played and formed legendary bands such as Blew Up, The Fatals, Space Beatnicks, Jerry Spider Gang, Beach Bitches, Kung Fu Escelators to name a few, touring around and outside the country and released records on contless labels, and now on the road to nowhere as: DESTINATION LONELY. Lo Spider has his own recording studio ‘swamplands’ recoring bands like the spits, mama rosin, Magnetix, gozilla, dead ghosts etc. The sound of this album:’no one can save me’ is everything else than a clean digital super HI FI production , ist all recorded on tape to tape to another tape then reverb on toilette and the fuzz in the gangway the pressure and Intenssion and the Guitar Sound is so HEAVY (here you can deffenetly use that word again) that you have a constant hard on listening to that wall of Guitars the drums are like razorblades cutting scarfs in your Belly this is a musical meeting from Stooges (befor they use heroin) and HAWKWIND (the LSD Years) a endless IN YOUR FACE adrenaline rush at the best concert of your life with the best beer of your life, lets you siting in your chair with a big smile on your face. On the album there are Slow songs as well, gloomy Dark, Lost, almost melancholic depressive but never stupid Indi Crap like a Space Cowboy after a night on his long hard walk home through the fog of the morning.
With this new album, ‘NO ONE CAN SAVE ME’ (first Voodoo Rhythm release) they put a Meilestone into the account of directness and FUCK OFF ATTITUDE, the lyrics are those of such an enormous negativity and lost forlornness, but with big steps forward and on the earphones a guitar storm without any ending, wah wah guitar solos distorted voice and then even more guitars ‘FREEZE BEAT’ is the opener and an instrumental, then there you go on the One Way Street through hell and end up with ‘NO ONE CAN SAVE ME ‘ and you realize it will never stop.

1. Freeze beat
2. Gonna break
3. S+E+U+L
4. Mud
5. Now You’re Dead
6. Black Eyed Dog
7. Protect you
8. Outta my head
9. Sun’s going down
10. No one can save me