DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Hot Box 1974-1994 3xLP Box w/booklet


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Triple LP BOX. Destroy All Monsters are known by some for their role as a bastion of resistance of Detroit’s rock; for being, during their second period, the band in which Ron Asheton would reappear. For others, they are a pivotal reference point in the copious but relatively unknown avant-garde underground from the same city, after Thurston Moore and Byron Coley dug up their first recordings in 1996 and the original line-up reunited. Destroy All Monsters comprises two complementary and interconnected poles throughout the saga of the Motor City’s music scene, from the University of Michigan’s Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music to The Stooges, through to the White Panther Party. In its two incarnations, the experimental — led by Cary Loren, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley — and the high energy one — with Asheton and Michael Davis from MC5, both featuring the phantasmagorical Niagara in the role of doped-up priestess, Destroy All Monsters are the object of one of the most devotional cults of America’s cultural underground, as testified by their abundant artistic and record production. Hot Box 1974-1994 is the first anthology to bring together the best outcome of those two hemispheres, including much unreleased material. Includes a generously-illustrated booklet featuring photos and artwork never seen before. All tracks have been remastered from recently discovered tapes.

“First, I love the Destroy All Monsters package design. All of the art is great! I knew several of the songs already. I’ve loved Bored and You’re Gonna Die, for years, and always thought Sonic Youth should be sending DAM a royalty check! I like the guitar sound on November 22 1963 a lot. Nobody Knows is great too. I’ve always liked Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots, and the DAM version is great because the arrangement is very different and the attitude on the vocal is surly. I had not heard most of the live stuff either. It all has the primal sound that made me like punk and garage in the first place.” -Shepard Fairey

Early Warning
A1 Intro (Fragment)
A2 That’s My Ideal
A3 Children Of The Night
A4 From Edgar Cayce Foundation
A5 Confession (Fragment) – I Love You But You’re Dead
A6 I Want To Live
B1 Magic Bag (Fragment) – You Can’t Kill Kill
B2 TH Queen
B3 Take Me With You
B4 Unplugged In San Diego (Fragment)
B5 Iron Man (Rehearsal Fragment) – Paranoid Of Blondes
Studio – Singles
C1 Bored
C2 You’re Gonna Die
C3 November 22 1963
C4 Meet The Creeper
C5 What Do I Get
D1 Nobody Knows
D2 Going To Lou’s
D3 Boots
D4 Jesus Is A Shotgun
D5 Anyone Can (Fuck Her)
E1 Enough Is Enough
E2 I Just Wanna Be Sleepy
E3 Bored
E4 Party Girl
E5 Fast City
F1 Go Away
F2 Sweet Dreams
F3 Little Boyfriend
F4 The Right Stuff
F5 Ground Zero

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