Demos recorded between 2012 and 2013.
Coloured vinyl, cover/poster by João Maio Pinto

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In the years of 2012 and 2013, Beatriz Rodrigues was still joining The Dirty Coal Train as a guest. Ricardo Ramos started to record home demos using her voice and focusing only on characters created by Jack Kirby (except on “Space Amoeba Dance”). Although friends and band members praised the compositions and asked to release and play live the Kirby themed tracks, Ricardo was very headstrong like a numerology fanatic: “No! These tracks are to be release only in 2017!” with no other explanation than “It feels like the right thing to do!”. So, after a couple of years (completely recorded by both without any idea that the band would end up centered around their work as a creative duo) it’s 2017! Here they are now: the Kirby Demos in all lo-fi splendour for every homerecorded garage punk aficionado! Beatriz Rodrigues: Guitar & Vocals Ricardo Ramos: All other stuff.

A1. Fin Fang Foom 01:45
A2. Arnim Zola 01:59
A3. Lo-Karr, Bringer of Doom 02:58
A4. Bombu, the witch man 01:31
A5. Kamandi – year of the rat 01:58

A1. Mr Miracle 01:53
A2. M.O.D.O.K. 01:45
A3. Mad Thinker’s Awesome Android 01:34
A4. Space Amoeba Dance 02:14
A5. Nobody Loves The Hulk (The Traits) 02:51