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Satisfying a youthful obsession with early KISS and Motley Crüe, then discovering the fortunate truth of The Dictators and Ramones, DIRTY FENCES have finally slammed into the Slovenly path with the “Full Tramp” LP. Brooklyn is the launching pad, and following a previous full length, a few singles and a few transcontinental tours, Dirty Fences got their shit on lockdown. “Full Tramp” has got the biggest balls of them all, and each song is study in what makes a song just right without ever losing sight of what makes an album worth listening to. But when it comes down to it, it’s the really their slime factor that got us on board, and this record is the festering manifestation of your love encrusted bed sheets headed to the wash.

A1 Deep In Your Heart
A2 Judy
A3 Give Me A Kiss
A4 Just Can’t Wait
A5 These Freaks
B1 Heartbeater
B2 Endless Party
B3 High School Rip
B4 Rain
B5 Full Tramp