DR. FRANKENSTEIN: Vol 1: Crime no Poço da Morte LP (clear vinyl)


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Crime no Poço da Morte

Voo de Ligação em Tenerife

The Dr. Frankenstein emerged in 1994, with Instrumental Rock as its cornerstone, this project, much like in the book where the infamous doctor creates a monster, has also had its life in constant mutation. From the echoes of the late 50s and early 60s, with bands like the Trashmen and the Shadows, to legends like Dick Dale (popularized in Pulp Fiction) and Link Wray, to contemporaries like Man or Astroman? or The Cramps, the project has had several lives, and various faces, from duo performances to a 7-piece rock n roll big band with a brass section, from classic Surf to Punk, Lounge, Exotica, Garage Rock, 70s film Soundtracks, everything can exist in this multi-faced monster. The brain has remained the same since the beginning, on André Joaquim’s guitar, and since 2008 on the rhythmic backbone of Duarte Vicente, and on the pulsating bass of master Norberto Oliveira. For 2024, a double release is expected, with the recently released VOLUME I – CRIME IN THE WELL OF DEATH, the first part of the new original album coinciding with the project’s 30th anniversary, with Volume II set to be released at the end of the year.

1. Voo de Ligação em Tenerife
2. Rixa em Alfama
3. Crime no Poço da Morte
4. Mini Moke Cruise
5. O Fim do Que Já Tinha Acabado
6. Frasco de Veneno
7. Tema de Encontro Fatal (Deadly Strangers Theme)
8. Zombie Moskito

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