DYNAMITE PLATOON: The Fabulous Platoon LP


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Dynamite Platoon comes from Sendai, Japan. These masked guys formed the band in 2013 and they have released a couple of albums, cassettes and (split-) singles on their own label. Soundflat presents ther ‘The Fabulous Platoon’ album on vinyl. Expect a lo-fi raw and explosive mix of crazy garage-punk with lots of energy and wildness! The album includes raw cover versions from The Eyes, Doris Day, Sam & Dave and Johnny Rivers.

A1 Nihon-shu – One More Sake (Not Beer)
A2 Old MacDonald Had A Farm
A3 Bu Bu Bi Du
A4 It’s So Hard
A5 I’m Rowed Out
A6 Feral
A7 Secret Agent Man
A8 Yoshiko
A9 We Better Get Ready
B1 Que Sera Sera
B2 S-W-I-M
B3 Hold On I’m Coming
B4 Woo Hoo
B5 (Garage) Punk Nuts
B6 We’re Gonna Get Married w/ Bigmama Shockin’ 3
B7 Style
B8 Fujisan