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FEMUR - Noche De Walpurgis (Official Video)

FEMUR! The longest and most indispensable bone to be able to dance and jump or also the project of Arturo KJ, an unhinged project, rotund, without fissures, a trip to the origins.
Placid origins, devoid of neat culture, uninhibited and fresh in their awakening. Wild origins, where words like methodical, refined and clean have no place. Origins with two bases… Beat and Fuzz.
It is likely that we have all grown up, a process where we are adding ideas, sounds, trends, complexities, concepts… in short, filling our particular cultural archive. Arturo himself has been filled to overflowing with all this.

A lover of Garage and Rock & Roll in its many facets, teacher, father, Tiki sculptor, artist, cartoonist… he has been able to give an accurate punch on the table, without anger, on the contrary, with passion, a desperate cry to the simple call of “I’m going to have fun”.
That is the greatness of Femur, to go back without ceasing to look forward. A youthful involution in its constant evolution.

Femur is born in the bosom of a world pandemic, in the ideal moment to rethink many things, born from the solitude of the four walls of the Tiki Mansion, isolated, without physical contact, as I said, the precise elements to embrace without palliation “the self”, the most elemental basis of the human being.
Why so much cheap philosophy for an album full of monsters, gasoline, cemeteries, B series in abundance, bored young people, sexy witches and elusive girls, simply because we sometimes forget the fun and the fun, it’s no joke, Arturo knows it, he is a true master in this matter, the fun must be lived, felt and of course shared.
True to his style, Femur did not hesitate to show from his first album his personality, his stubbornness, his particular way of attacking the most fighting and hairy Garage.
Here you have his “Noche de Walpurgis”, his second album for Wild Cave records, a much more compact work in mode and form, forceful production, monolithic rhythm sections, powerful organ, screams and wails, a shower of fuzz, strength, freshness, power… A real blast! Absolutely everything born from his mind, honest, sincere and real!

Immerse yourself in this bacchanal with the tremolo in this acid race that is “Biker Run”, what a start, don’t miss the Monster party in “Cementerio Bop”, Killer fuzz and organ in their big hit “Noche de Walpurgis”, “Princesa de Alquiler” or how not to forget the first Negativos, marvel, Attention! “No Puedo Hacerte Mía”, the best version of the Seeds that yours truly has heard, the psychotic R&B in “Licor Café”, a timeless sample of Lord Sutch in “Negro y Espeso”, paying homage to the Sex Museum, no wonder, Fernando Pardo at the controls of the production, “Nini Promesa”, is an accurate shout to the youthful idleness, ¡Muévete, coño! Morrocotudo 60’s Punk in “No Puede Ser”, how proud the Chobs would be, layers of rhythm in “I Need You Know”, the instrumental “Happy Halloween”, with its Spooky Theremin, Old Guard!, “Te quieren matar”, of Fuzz, blows and sweat.
What to say about the fantabulous artwork of the folder, cookies and printed inner sleeve by the great Berto Argüelles, Wonderful, my friends.
Thank you Arturo! for releasing “Yo mismo”, for keeping what made you different and special years ago, for bringing us in a gift package a piece of your youth, innate, unpolished, carefree, blind to danger and attentive to action.

Don’t doubt it, this album is fantastic, besides the songs there is a piece of “Ti mismo”.
You are reminded by the great Arturo, the great Femur, yes, the indispensable bone to dance and jump, what are you waiting for?
Juanito Wau

1. Biker Run
2. Cementerio Bop
3. Noche de Walpurgis
4. Princesa de Alquiler
5. No Puedo Hacerte Mia
6. Licor Café
7. Negro y Espeso
8. Nini Promesa
9. No Puede Ser
10. I Need You Now
11. Happy Halloween
12. Te Quieren Matar

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