FREAKS OF NATURE: Songs For Savages LP


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Welcome to the insane world of America’s newest fuzz-punk sensation, Freaks Of Nature!!! Do you remember the music of the 60’s? Neither do we. Come check out their explosive brand of proto punk ka-pow! Then go tell all the hippie zombies there was more to 60’s music than a big wet fart called Woodstock. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona the Freaks Of Nature were formed way back in 2012 before the world ended, just for the fun of it. As the band’s charismatic front man, Daniel applies his arsenal of exuberant vocal antics as well as guitar and harmonica playing. Inspired by his love for wild sixties garage punk, his song writing perfectly captures all the angst of teen oppression. Steve has a sordid history of guitar abuse leaning heavily toward 60’s garage mayhem. Once he even cleaned Bob Welsh’s carpet! He also has been known to build fuzz and distortion boxes when the mood strikes him. James has more musical talent in his pinkie than most record stores have in their entire inventory. Although he can play any instrument he wants, his profound bass lines have been known to make hard core jazzbo’s weep with joy.

David’s musical resume reads like a history of Phoenix’s punk rock royalty. His aggressive drum style has been described as »Gene Krupa with brass knuckles«. His all around cheerful sense of sarcastic humor make him the perfect timekeeper for The Freaks Of Nature. Within mere moments of forming, the buzz on the street was that these guys played some amazingly savage classic garage punk and roll. With all the swagger of a three legged dog, the boys have left a trail of throbbing insoles, confused grins and blown minds from one side of Phoenix to the other. Come to a Freak’s gig and see for yourself what all the noise is about! Mixing the original »Back From the Grave« sound of bands like The Alarm Clocks, The Tamrons, The Humans and The Illusions with the snotty mid-eighties teen-beat brilliance of bands like the Tell Tale Hearts, The Gravedigger V and The Pandoras, The Freaks Of Nature open the next chapter in the yet unfinished bible of Fuzzzzzz !!!
Music for savages !!!

Tracking list:

Wonder Why
Don’t Blow Your Mind
C’mon N Dance
What’s The Use
Can’t Be True
Can’t Tame Me

Sick And Tired
Tell Me Lies
Make Me Cry
Don’t Tease Me