GONN: I Need You / Doin’ Me In 7″


Brand new limited edition vinyl 7″—only 433 copies pressed!

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Gonn - Doin' Me In

Long-held in high regard for their devastating 45, “Blackout Of Gretely”, Keokuk Iowa’s LOUDEST sons GONN didn’t waste time heading back to Bob Mefford’s Electronics and Engineering store in Burlington to make their intended follow-up in late ’66/early ’67. Cut live to 2-track tape, they delivered a suitably feral version of the Kinks’ “I Need You”, alongside another primal original, full of Craig Moore’s bloodcurdling screams and general insanity. 3 acetates were cut, but reactions were not favourable, and the recordings were shelved until 1984, when Voxx put together their LP overview of the group’s 60s recordings.

Fast-forward almost 40 years, and the lone surviving acetate has finally been done sonic justice! Transferred using a mono cartridge and cut by Stan Getz II, this is unquestionably the BEST these two tracks have EVER sounded!

Limited edition of 433 copies on heavyweight vinyl, issued in die-cut repro sleeve, housed in stickered polythene outer bag. Transferred from the only remaining acetate using a mono cartridge. Labels would indicate that “I Need You” is the A-side (“Side 1”), but were scanned from the original acetate labels. The run-outs clarify “Doin’ Me In” as the A-side.

A – Doin’ Me In
B – I Need You