GORIES: Outta Here LP


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Revered Detroit threepiece’s third and final LP, released in May 1992. The sound: Two guitarists swapping vocal leads and a raw gal drummer, crashing through 14 cool, raw slabs of primal soulful garage, including covers of John Lee Hooker’ s ‘I Got Eyes For You’, 2 Bo Diddley covers (‘Crawdad’ and ‘Hey Bo Diddley’), a cover of the Jesters Of Newport’s ‘Stormy’ from Back From The Grave, a souly cover of the mid-70s disco song ‘There But For The Grace Of God Go I’, Earl Palmers ‘Trick Bag’ plus originals ‘He’s Doin It/ Outta Here/ Can’t Catch Up With You/ Omologato/ Telepathic/ Drowning/ Rats Nest/ 48 Hours’. Without The GORIES there would be no WHITE STRIPES.

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