THE GORIES: I Know You Fine, But How You Doin’ LP


I Know You Fine, But How You Doin’ – LP

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Thunderbird ESQ – video
Nitroglycerine – video

I Know You Fine But How You Doin’ is a magnum opus of dirty brilliance. Dirty in the grunge-covered sense. Dirty in the back alley and sleepin’ it off sense. As with their first LP House Rockin’, the Gories employ a primitive backbeat of tom-toms, fuzzy guitars, and insomniac blues screams (distributed more democratically here by singer/guitarists Dan Kroha — see also the Demolition Dollrods — and Mick Collins — see also Blacktop — than on the Gories’ debut, House Rockin’). Recorded in Memphis at Easley Recording in 1990 with legendary recluse/genius Alex Chilton at the boards, I Know You Fine is ever-so-slightly more “produced” than the debut. But the songwriting, thankfully, never leaves the gutter far behind. Better still, the Gories make you believe that it’s all happened to them recently enough to be a painful enough memory to necessitate writing a blues-riff song. Muted howling, cavernous guitars, and throbbing drums are always half a step from simultaneously disappearing and blowing up in your face. The main benefit of a non-D.I.Y. production on this outing is atmospheric, after-hours gems such as “Six Cold Feet,” “Early in the Morning,” and “Smashed.” The desperation quotient is taken up by such tunes as “Stranded,” “Goin’ to the River,” and “Nitroglycerine.” I Know You Fine is perhaps the Gories’ most focused vision of urban punk blues. As an added bonus, the Crypt reissue version features more than nine extra songs culled from both singles and the original track listing of House Rockin’ (perhaps Crypt didn’t anticipate reissuing both records). With the added tracks, this reissued version of I Know You Fine But How You Doin’ is the one Gories recording to buy if you must only buy one. AllMusic


A1       Hey, Hey, We’re The Gories
A2       You Make It Move
A3       Detroit Breakdown
A4       Stranded
A5       Goin’ To The River
A6       Early In The Morining
A7       Thunderbird ESQ
A8       Nitroglycerine

B1       Let Your Daddy Ride
B2       Six Cold Feet
B3       Queenie
B4       Smashed
B5       Ghostrider
B6       Chick-Inn
B7       View From Here

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