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Heart Attack Alley - "Don't Waste my Time"

In Session: Heart Attack Alley - Ain't It Funny

Heart Attack Alley from Auckland, New Zealand, originated in 2009 from a series of blues jam sessions on Kristal G’s front porch. Kristal provided the guitar and was joined by Dr. Karl Steven (yes, he’s a doctor and yes, he did play for Sweden’s crossover rap band Supergroove) on harmonica and stompbox, and Caoimhe Macfehin on vocals. United by an appreciation for dirty, grinding music, they created super simple, spooky, and mysterious guitar riffs reminiscent of Poison Ivy of the Cramps, with Dr. Karl Steven’s “voodoo harmonica” as sharp as Little Walter’s, and Caoimhe’s vocals a hot lava river of feelings and words as sharp as a butcher’s knife. Together, they form an unbeatable combo.

They have played at all kinds of bars, ballrooms, and front parlours around New Zealand, supporting powerhouses like the Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson, Kitty Daisy and Lewis, and playing alongside Voodoo Rhythm larrikins Delaney Davidson and Reverend Beat-Man. They did their first European tour in 2011, where they went to Matt Brodin’s Outside Inside Studio in Italy to record their album for you. Heart Attack Alley sounds like the demon child of Polly Harvey and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins—”the hottest ticket in town” (Volume Magazine).

1. Too Hot Blues
3.My Beating Heart
5.New Instrumental
6.living in hell
7. Slave to your Mojo
8.Spit It Out
9.I am Touble
10. Aint It Funny
11.Don’t Waste My Time
12. Where You Been
13.Dream Walk