IGGY AND THE STOOGES: Georgia Peaches (Live At Richards, Atlanta, GA, October 1973) LP


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Live at Richards, Atlanta, Georgia, October 1973. Mick Rock: photography. Marc Z: executive producer. “The restored live recordings of the band’s 1973 Atlanta performance which, aside from showcasing Iggy´s bellicose stage presence and his desire to stick things into other people’s asses, boasts superb piano and bass presence. It also demonstrates the band’s great contradiction?how it sounded great even at the height of dysfunction. This is the real thing. On Skydog Records, Marc Zermati´s very last wish.”

A1 Raw Power 6:08
A2 Head On 9:14
A3 Gimme Danger 7:58
B1 Search & Destroy 7:25
B2 I Need Somebody 6:16
B3 Heavy Liquid 7:49
B4 Cock In My Pocket 3:54