“Reptile Brain Music” – Imperial State Electric’s third studio album was originally released in 2013.

Clocking in at a little over 33 minutes RBM boasts a dozen tracks of their particular and peculiar rock’n’roll.

The album is bookended by two high-energy live favorites, “Emptiness into the Void” and “Down in the Bunker” in a classic Andersson style. However, the less obvious songs within also reveal some unexpected treats.

The heavy Blackmoresque “Faustian Bargains” showcases some unexpected time signatures. “Dead Things” feels like Beatles meets horror movie soundtrack (Fred Estby contributes lyrics).
While the frantic “Born Again” is far from pieous, delivering a blistering blow to religion.

RBM also shows the further development from solo project into a full-fledged band with multiple songwriters and different lead vocalists.
Tobias Egge opens new doors with his contribution “Stay the Night” and Rudolf de Borst screams lead vocals for the wonderfully primitive title track – “Reptile Brain”.

Recorded at Gutterview Recorders, mixed by Fred Estby & Nicke Andersson & produced by Nicke Andersson.

Originally released on Warner Music and promptly “Out of Print” fans have been clamoring for a reissue.

From the press release 2013 “Imperial State Electric is entering phase 3 in its ongoing battle against mediocrity.

An endless quest to make the rock roll”.

Side A:
01. Emptiness Into The Void / 02. Underwhelmed / 03. Faustian Bargains / 04. Reptile Brain / 05. More Than Enough of Your love / 06. Dead Things
Side B:
07. Apologize / 08. Stay The Night / 09. Eyes / 10. Born Again / 11. Nothing Like You Said It Would Be / 12. Down In The Bunker

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Vinyl colour

Black, Red, Orange, Violet