JAN & DEAN: Yellow Ballon 7″


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Just as Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys gave the world Pet Sounds, Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean gave the world “Save For A Rainy Day.” It was April 12, 1966 when Dean’s partner Jan Berry had his near fatal automobile accident. In the midst of forming their own record label and starring in their own television series everything came to a halt.
Torrence was left stunned, and in an unusual position: he found himself in the varied role of singer, songwriter and producer — duties typically undertaken by Berry. Interested in keeping the Jan & Dean name in the forefront of the record buying public, with the help of friends, Torrence created one of rock ‘n’ roll’s first “concept albums.”The underlying theme: you should listen to it on a “rainy day.”
The four previously unreleased instrumental-only backing tracks chosen for this EP are some of the best moments from the album. They add a sense of depth that isn’t quite as apparent underneath lyrics and sound effects.

Includes: Yellow Balloon • Raindrops • California Lullaby • Here Comes The Rain