JERRY J. NIXON: Gentleman of Rock’n’Roll LP


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Jerry J. Nixon - Why Did I?

First, I have to say that I got these tapes about a year ago. I had never heard of this guy before, nor had I seen or heard his recordings, so I don’t know if this is genuine old stuff or just a big rock’n’roll swindle. Decide for yourself.

On this record, there are his five singles that he released on Q Records in New Mexico between 1958-63. They are pure rock’n’roll with some ballads too. On the 60s recordings, he even has a Farfisa organ. Then you hear super cool raw live recordings from New Orleans with a screaming loud crowd and chicks going berserk. There are some radio interviews from when he played in Mexico during those days, and some outtakes and demonstration records.

The sound on the tapes was super bad, but our mastering guy did a great job, and we can stand behind this record for a fantastic wild 50s sound. Jerry J. Nixon died at the end of 1999, and here is his first full-length album full of 50s rock’n’roll. He was a fantastic songwriter and one of the greatest unknown heroes of rock’n’roll.

1. Moonlight
2. Saturday Midnight Bop
3. Why did i
4. Red Sun
5. Sometimes
6. Railroad Shuffle
7. wang dan doodle
8. rip it up
9. ready teddy
10. tonight
11. miss lonely
12. travelling free
13. river of love
14. keep a rockin
15. end of the road
16. red sun (demo recording)
17. there’s a world between you and me