JODI: Alarm in The Jungle LP


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A Paraguayan musician of German origin, Joern Wenger is a true pioneer of homemade DIY recordings since the late 60s in South America.

After playing with teen garage beat band Rabbits, Joern formed JODI along with his brother Dirk. Building the state-of-the-art “Jodi Experimental Studio” in the basement of his parent’s house, Joern (a Stockhausen student) recorded many hours of music and self-released in 1971 a very rare LP called “Pops de Vanguardia”, (reissued by Guerssen / Out-Sider in 2016) and now considered the first DIY lo-fi garage / psychedelic album from South America.

During the early 70s, Joern and Dirk managed to sign a contract with EMI-Argentina, and a series of commercials albums and singles (with a small change in the name, IODI) were released. They obtained big success and became professional musicians but this didn’t prevent Joern from continuing to experiment at his home studio.

“Alarm In The Jungle: The Synthetic Side Of Jodi”” features previously unreleased material, selected by Joern with help from JODI fan and researcher Eduardo Pietruczyk just after Joern recently found a treasure trove of vintage reel-to-reel tapes. But some of those tapes were heavily damaged and had to be dried up and carefully digitized. So, Joern came with an interesting concept: he recreated and recorded again with surgeon-like precision some parts of the songs included here.

There are instrumental flirtations in bossa, Afro-Brazilian, library-music and boogie / funk styles.

“Consider JODI a Paraguayan antecedent of R. Stevie Moore or Ariel Pink” – The Vinyl District

“Alarm In The Jungle gives the listener a window into the vivid world of an immensely creative family”. – Maria Barrios (Bandcamp)


1. Attack of The Trilobites
2. Love Me
3. Touch Me
4. My Sexwoman
5. Breakfast With Venus
6. Please Let Me Be Your Doc
7. One More Time
8. Te Quiero Para Mí
9. Sácame
10. You Gotta Help Them