KIM FOWLEY: In Deutschland LP


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One of very few recordings of Kim Fowley to survive and amazingly, he survived this show as the audience booed him off the stage. The band hadn’t rehearsed properly and mid-show, the organiser asked the audience if they wanted the show to continue and even though they emphatically said “NO!!!!”, Fowley and the band continued on, oblivious to the jeering audience. Eventually, he was ‘removed’ from the stage. Tracks one through nine are all that remain of the original concert; ten through sixteen were recorded at a rehearsal.

A side

Berlin Boogie
Moonlight In Germany
Petra Kelly’s Dead
Back In The USSR
B side
Third World Girl (Spanish Fly)
Heart Of A Dog
E.E.C.C. Blues
Soul of A Madman
World Beat Party
Night Of Pagan Sex