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Howlin' For My Woman

We all know by now that wild Rhythm’n’Blues-maniac KING SALAMI and his CUMBERLAND THREE have long taken over Europe, the USA and Japan with their unique sound, their party-attitude and their unforgettable live performances – last summer the boys even went on an Australian tour, where they also played a frantic show for the ‘PBS Radio’ in Melbourne. Now these recordings came out that epic, so that thankfully the boys decided to preserve them for the rest of the world as well and made a picture LP out of the whole session on no less a label than Soundflat Records. But KING SALAMI AND THE CUMBERLAND THREE’s ‘Loose At PBS Radio Melbourne’ is not just an album that reproduces one of their crazy live-shows – it is much more than that; this picture-lp, in a superb design made by ANDREA ‘THE AND’ SARTORI, is a visual treat and contains new interpretations of a variety of their songs, most of which you cannot find on vinyl anymore. The sound quality is just amazing and the energy on this record is electrifying – a brilliant rough Rhythm’n’Blues sound with crazy Garage-punk-guitars and beats together with the king’s unmistakable howling add up to an insane party-record that won’t let you sit still. After doing the climb and trubbeling ma juju girl you’ll find yourself howling for your woman, shakin’ it wild and of course finally doing the wurst with these boys like there’s no tomorrow! This brand new picture-LP is really something else by your favourite R&B-Garagepunkers and it is strictly limited, so be fast and get yourself a copy before it’s too late!

Do The Climb
Prissy Missy
Trubble Trubble
Ma Juju Girl
It’s All Your Fault
Howlin’ For My Woman
She’s A Kukamunga
Yes Baby
Big Chief
Shake It Wild
Do The Wurst

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