KURT BAKER: Brand New B-sides LP


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“When Kurt and I set out to make his debut album 3 years ago we had a creative combustion that resulted in about 20 original songs. We chose what we thought were the best 10 songs to make up Brand New Beat while the other songs would appear on other releases and as bonus tracks in France and Japan. Weโ€™ve also included a couple of cover songs that we recorded during the same period. We wanted to share these songs with you and cleanse our palette as we begin the next Kurt Baker album. These are the Brand New B-Sides.โ€ – Wyatt Funderburk, August 2014


A1 – Quit Dancing With My Girl
A2 – Lost In Translation
A3 – Emma Stone
A4 – Since Youโ€™ve Been On My Mind
A5 – Whatโ€™s That Got To Do With Rock โ€™nโ€™ Roll?
A6 – On The Run
A7 – Think it Over

B1 – So It Goes
B2 – Iโ€™ve Tried Everything
B3 – City Lights
B4 – High Fidelity
B5 – Dont Have The Time
B6 – Christmas In The Sand