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The second LP by Toledo’s furious garagepunkers LAS ASPIRADORAS is finally out on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS – ‘Haciendo Amigos’ is a crazy album of primitive, powerful garagepunk; just right to dance and go wild to at your maniac rock’n’roll-parties! These Spaniards have a great energy with a lot of fuzz, farfisa organ and screaming vocals, so it’s not surprising that within the last years they have achieved an international reputation as mind-blowing live-band. The band’s sound is very strong, not least because they recorded at the Circo Perrotti studios. It’s loud, fun and wild – ‘Haciendo Amigos’ is pure garagepunk in Spanish! Whether you listen to ‘Atolon’ with its fast, catchy guitars or ‘Salvaje’ which doesn’t translate into ‘wild’ by accident – you just have to start moving, when you listen to this frantic record. It includes self-composed songs only, with one exception: ‘Caramelos’, a tune which is by the Catalan rumba-duo LOS AMAYA and originally sounds a bit traditional and folk-like, but interpreted by LAS ASPIRADORAS it becomes a raw and wild garagepunk-killer fitting in the rest of the album. The second LP by LAS ASPIRADORAS ‘Haciendo Amigos’ is highly addictive. If you like crazy, savage (Spanish) garagepunk, this is exactly what you need!

A1 Atolon
A2 Caramelos
A3 No Derroches Mi Amor
A4 No Hay Dolor Sin Placer
A5 Amor Canalla

B1 Para Ser Guai
B2 Toxico
B3 Ovni
B4 Paracetamol
B5 Salvaje