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After their first 7′ ‘Do The Fonz!’ out on AVE THE SOUND the Canadian LES ENVAHISSEURS now release their debut album ‘Garage Monkeys’ on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. You can expect a combination of partly English, but mainly French male vocals and female (background) vocals harmonising with some wild guitars and keyboards that add up to a fine 60s Garagerock with a French Yeye-touch. High energy and intense personae on stage, intelligent lyrics and a perfect chemistry make the unique sound and presence of LES ENVAHISSEURS which tranlate directly to their record. The album consists of 11 originals and two fantastic covers – ‘La Nuit Du Sadique’, a fabulous French version of the Back from the Grave-classic ‘Night of the Sadist’, originally by LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES, and ‘Trop Snob’ – their very own French version of THE SEEDS’ ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’. Yet, their own compositions on the album are just as catchy and wild: if it is crazy songs like ‘House of Evil’, ‘Ottawa’ with its BO DIDDLEY-kind of beat or wild songs like ‘Tu Le Sens Mon Beat’ – these tunes are just perfect to (Go-go-)dance to! Matching the band’s name LES ENVAHISSEURS (‘The Invaders’ in English), they even add a futuristic organ 60s-space-sound here and there. Make sure to catch these incredible boys and girls on stage and on record – they will certainly blow your mind!

A1 House Of Evil
A2 En Retard
A3 Je Ne Crois Pas
A4 My Gorilla
A5 Chaque Chaque Fois
A6 La Nuit Du Sadique
B1 Fonzambow
B2 (Comme) Tourgueniev
B3 Le Fil Des Jours
B4 Ottawa
B5 (Je Me Croyais) Mod
B6 Tu Le Sens Mon Beat
B7 Trop Snob