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LES GRYS-GRYS – Les Grys-Grys [2019] FULL ALBUM

CHAPUTA! – Garage Punk Fueled

Time flies… and still. Les Grys-Grys waited eight years to make their debut album. Why? Because they took the time to do it right. The record you’re about to place onto your turntable is the result of eight years of hard graft, long miles, lessons learned, lovers spurned, bridges burned, respect earned.
Les Grys-Grys formed in the southern French town of Alès in 2010. Since then they’ve honed their skills and paid their dues in innumerable clubs, bars, basements, barns, concert theatres and festivals in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, England, Scotland, and the West Coast of the United States.
You won’t find any cheap, half-baked, cartoon-show        garage-rock-by-numbers here. This is the real deal. Much like a great chef who works only with the finest and most carefully selected ingredients to create an original and satisfying meal, Les Grys-Grys have learned to work only with the finest and most carefully selected musical influences to create an original and soul satisfying sound: the early Pretty Things and Kinks, Q65, the Masters Apprentices, the Easybeats, the Mascots, Thor’s Hammer, 13th Floor Elevators, and the Golden Dawn. Only after eight years of examining, absorbing, assimilating, dissembling, reassembling, and inhabiting these influences, did Les Gry-Grys feel ready to distill that accumulated inspiration into an album that is 100% pure, 100% real, and—with the exception of a couple of well-chosen cover versions—100% Grys-Grys.
It takes time and craft to create something timeless and authentic. And with this album, Les Grys-Grys have done exactly that. Listen and see.

Time Flies And Still
The Day
Brother Tobio
Gone By Dawn
Got Love (aka 13 Chester Street)
Satisfy The Lord Of Anarchy
In A Loop
She Just Left
Daylight Robbery
It Ain’t Right
They Gonna Get Me